Monthly Archive: October 2016

2017 Keyboard Adjudications

(by Sun Gamble, Piano Adjudications Chair)

It is that time of the year again that all the deadlines are approaching.

The earliest deadline is November 15 and that is when you email me with your approximate minutes.  How would you know your approximate minutes?  Download the registration worksheet!  (This can also be found at; go to ‘program for students’ > ‘adjudications’ and scroll down to ‘forms for teachers’.  You will find registration worksheet on the 6th line.  Download it and fill it.)  It will be useful when you do the online registration in December, so do not discard it.  Please make sure that you add some extra minutes.  Students will benefit from having extra minutes and the adjudicators will love it. Also your minutes must include your consultation time and five minutes for Honors Recital Selection if you want to participate in Chapter Honors Recital.

Our chapter is expanding, so is our adjudications program.  This year we having eleven days with four adjudicators.  As in the past, we have some challenges. The national conference is in the middle of the adjudications dates and some of our teachers are attending. Therefore, it is extremely important that you inform me that you are registered to go to the National Conference when you email me with your preliminary numbers. (Please do not say ‘maybe I am going’.) And some of us may have to graciously give up our preference on locations, dates, or adjudicators in order to run this huge program smoothly.  You are making my job lot easier if you give me your information as soon as possible. And I do appreciate many of you who are always and already doing that. (more…)

Subscribing to KMTA News

Ever wonder what happened to that email with the event registration forms attached to it? Can’t find the deadline to sign your students up for the Carnival? We have a new feature here on our News page to send you an emailed notification every time an article is posted here. Articles can include links to the forms you will need to download and print out, right here on the site. For an example, see the article about the Young Musicians Festival right below this one.

You may unsubscribe at any time — but if you do, you’ll need to check this page frequently for notifications you may have missed. If you have a change to your email address, please contact one of the KMTA board officers to get it updated for future communications.

Kitsap Young Musicians Festival

kymfLooking for a little inspiration for your students this fall? Please join us for the 21st annual Kitsap Young Musicians Festival! We will enjoy several recitals throughout the day on Saturday, November 19th. Registration fee is $5 per student, $25 per ensemble; $10 studio fee for non-KMTA teachers. Forms and fees are due to the KYMF Chair by November 4.. Registration deadline is November 4. Once all registrations are received recital times will be assigned. Scheduling requests made ahead of time can usually be accommodated. The downloadable documents in the Young Musicians Festival page contain all the information you need. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.

–Julie Mandery, KYMF Chair

President’s Message – October

dianel2I just got back from the WSMTA Leadership Conference and my mind is spinning with thoughts and ideas. I’d like to share one session with you and a challenge. Janice Smith, our state president led a session titled “How’s your chapter’s DNA?”. In this case, DNA stood for Durable, Noteworthy, and Active. Each table of 8 examined one aspect and then shared their thoughts and ideas with the whole group.  (more…)