Monthly Archive: December 2016

Monster concert: confirmations and more participants needed!

The Monster Concert is next month! But there are still several openings! We could love to have more students participate, but if we do not get enough we will open it up to teachers. Please let Laura Meredith ( )know as soon as possible if you or one of your students would like to fill one of the piano openings, and contact Jane Melin ( )  for orchestral openings (we will prioritize on competing duet pairs before creating new pairs).  Specifics on the books we needed can be obtained from Melanie Harris ( ).  (more…)

Young Composers Project Reminder

Entries are now being accepted for the WSMTA 2017 Young Composers Project. The Young Composers Project gives students of WSMTA members the opportunity to submit their compositions for judging and comments by qualified adjudicators. These adjudicators are college professors and/or private teachers whose area of expertise is composition.

Adjudicators select a first, second and third place composition for each grade level giving written comments. Certificates are awarded to all participants, and a small monetary prize is awarded to each first place winner. First place winners are invited to perform their compositions at the WSMTA Conference each summer.

Deadline for submission of compositions is February 14, 2017. Rules and guidelines can be found on the WSMTA site: Please contact Martin Kennedy at for more information.

  • Primary Grades K-2, one first place award for all three grades, $25
  • Elementary Grades 3-6, each grade is awarded a first place prize, $25
  • Junior Grades 7-9, each grade is awarded a first place prize, $30
  • Senior Grades 10-12, each grade is awarded a first place prize, $35
  • Collegiate Students graduated from high school and up to age 26, one first place prize, $40

Adjudications Deadline Reminder

The Keyboard and Strings Adjudications student registration deadline is approaching rather quickly: December 15. That is the last day that you can register. If you have not submitted your preliminary report to Sun Gamble (keyboard) or Jane Melin (strings), please check with them before you register to see if we have any room for you.

Here are the details for the 2017 Keyboard Adjudications: (details on Strings were emailed to strings teachers)

March 12 (Sun) Dr. Jody Graves @ Debbie Florian’s Studio

March 13 (Mon)Dr. Jody Graves @ Debbie Florian’s Studio

March 14 (Tues)Dr. Jody Graves @ Dianne Johnston’s Studio

March 17 (Fri) Dr. Jennifer Hammill @ Darden Burns’s Studio

March 18 (Sat) Dr. Jennifer Hammill @ Mary Grants’s Studio

March 17 (Fri) Dr. William Nyaho Chapman @ Central Kitsap Presbyterian

March 18 (Sat) Dr. William Nyaho Chapman @ Irene Bowling’s Studio

March 19 (Sun) Dr. William Nyaho Chapman @ Irene Bowling’s Studio

March 20 (Mon) Dr. Kay Zavislak @ Ted Brown Music Silverdale

March 21 (Tue) Dr. Kay Zavislak @ Summit Ave. Presbyterian Church

March 22(Wed) Dr. Kay Zavislak @ Ted Brown Music Silverdale

Here is the To- do- list for December (before the 15th!)

  1. Register on as early as possible. Please do not wait till last minute.  We might get power outage, the internet service might be observing Murphy’s law or your computer might act up.
    The registration process works just like online shopping like Amazon.
    The WSMTA site provides a video tutorial for you if you need extra help.
  1. Forward the confirmation email from WSMTA. (keyboard) or jane@melinmusicstudio (strings)
  2. Write a check for your chapter fees (payable to KMTA) and mail it to Sun (keyboard) or Jane (strings). The chapter fee is $3 per student. Addresses are in the Yearbook or contact us by email.
  3. If you have questions, please refer to 1) WSMTA adjudications booklet 2) KMTA yearbook or our website and read Adjudications FAQ page. If you still cannot find the answer there, email Sun (keyboard) or Jane (strings).

Happy Registration!

Sun Gamble

Keyboard Adjudications Chair