Carnival Info for Teachers

Registration is now open!

Carnival will be held on April 27th, 2019.

  • a parent information letter detailing the Carnival and Music Literacy Program (formerly “Musicianship Exams”).
  • the Parent Permission Slip/Registration Form.  Every student must have a signed permission slip on file at the event, so we included it with the registration information.
  • a registration worksheet to help you organize your entries prior to completing the online registration.
  • a very colorful poster provided by Jane Melin, that you may print off and post in your studio and around town (also in gray scale).  We want to raise the visibility of our association and our event, and non-members are welcome to participate, so please place these posters in advantageous places!  😊

Debra Florian, NCTM                                        Dianne Johnston, WSCTM
KMTA Music Carnival Chair                              KMTA Music Literacy Program Chair
360-434-8684                                                   360-930-0168                          

Melanie Stroud, NCTM                                     Diane Layton, NCTM
KMTA Carnival Co-Chair                                  Music Literacy Program Co-Chair             
360-434-2117                                                   360-613-2917