Carnival Info for Teachers



1.  PARENT INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION LETTER detailing the Carnival and Music Literacy Program (formerly Musicianship Exams, referred to as MLP in the rest of this page).  Fill in your name, and the date that you want fees turned in to you in order to have registrations to Dianne Johnston by March 12, 2018.
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2.  PARENT PERMISSION SLIP AND REGISTRATION FORM:  Every student must have a signed permission slip on file at the event, so we included it with the registration information, to be collected by you and turned in with your studio registration by the deadline of March 12, 2018.  If using the Word Doc format, you may need to adjust the margins on your own computer, as each of these forms is meant to fit on a single page. The PDF Format is not editable but will print correctly.
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3.  2018 CARNIVAL POSTER, PDF Format: Both Color and Black-and-White versions are included in this file.

4.  Final letter to families about carnival: registration times, ear training exam schedule, etc.  Also distribute the Gateway map to families.

Carnival Personnel List 2018 (Teacher job assignments for events and rooms)

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The 7th annual KMTA Music Carnival is almost here!  There are several important items for update.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, AND PRINT OFF THIS EMAIL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.

The Carnival is a labor-intensive event, requiring help from all participating teachers as well as adult and student volunteers.  We appreciate your willingness to pitch in and help with this, not only during the Carnival itself, but also with all the preparations, Friday set-up, clean-up, etc.  You know what they say about “many hands” making light work…It’s my experience that musicians have the best hands of all!  If you haven’t yet volunteered to help, please consider joining us and lending a hand.  Contact me—I still have jobs available—and hats! The more the merrier! 

All Examiners and Carnival Staff will meet at 9:00 a.m., Friday April 13, at CK Presbyterian, before the regular meeting, to look over the tests and answer keys and review our procedures.  Please call Dianne Johnston 360-930-0168 if something prevents you being there.  Attached is the Finalized Personnel List—it is always subject to last minute changes, but you can check it to see where job assignments stand at this time.

For those of you who submitted student or parent volunteer names with the permission forms:  thank you!  WE STILL HAVE NEED FOR MORE STUDENT VOLUNTEERS.  PLEASE CONTACT LAURA MEREDITH lameredith@gmail.comYou will receive a schedule with instructions via separate email to pass along to those volunteers from your studio.  In the meantime, if any examiners have lined up their own adult helper, please let Debra know that ASAP.

Regarding projects and options:  a reminder that all projects (art, written and listening) are to be done beforehand and brought in for display.  (The listening projects involve attending a concert, or listening to a recording and doing a write-up.)  For all other options (composition, transposition, improvisation, lead line) the student should prepare ahead of time and bring their materials with them that they plan to transpose, improvise on, etc.  Compositions do not need to be written out, but will need to be played for the examining teacher.

Attached is a letter for you to fill in your group’s registration time, print off, and send a copy home with each student this week.  *If your students are registered for Ear Training Exam levels 3-10, make sure to indicate and/or highlight on the info letter which exam times will apply for each individual student.   Also send a copy of the attached Facilities Map for Gateway, either double-sided with info letter or as a separate second page.  I also recommend you email the info letter and map home as well to assure receipt by parents ASAP.

*NOTE LOCATIONS:  All Carnival games and food will be located in the Gateway School Gym.  Strings Students:  Exams for Strings Technique and Sightreading will be held in the Music Room in the Main Building.  All other exams will be taken in the regular exam rooms in the West Wing or Gym Building.  Please see attached Facilities Map and follow signage.  (Also remind students to check their registration card for exam levels as some of the exam rooms are split up according to level.)  Parking is behind the Gym (entrance off Lincoln across from Poulsbo Library, or off Hostmark behind Gateway Fellowship).

*PLEASE NOTE SETUP TIME:  We will meet at the Gateway Gym at 5:00 on Friday, April 27 to decorate and set up.  The weekend schedule  is as follows:

Friday, April 27          5:00-? p.m.         Set-up and decorating gym, west wing and main bldg.
Saturday, April 28     8:00 a.m.            Final set-up
8:30 a.m.            All examiners on site (report to school gym)
8:45 a.m.            group photo
9:00 a.m.            Student and adult volunteers on site (report to school gym for hats and assignments)
9:30 a.m.            Registration begins for student volunteers
10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.       Carnival Hours (Do not disassemble exam rooms until 3:00)
3:00-4:00? p.m.  Take-Down  (Please do not take down any signage—Debra will collect and inventory signs after the event concludes.)

*REGISTRATION TIMES are assigned by Studio and listed below.  Please fill the time in on the attached info letter.  If students must come at a different time to accommodate their scheduled ear training levels, or for personal reasons, that’s not a problem.  This is simply an attempt to stagger arrival time and manage crowd control.
9:30 a.m.             Student Volunteers
10:00 a.m.           Florian, Melin, Johnston
10:30 a.m.           Hennings, Meredith, Arnold
11:00 a.m.           Kurtzbein, Stroud, Seely
11:30 a.m.           Mandery, Grant, Devine, Ray
12:00 p.m.           Newlin, Rose, Richardson, Layton

If you have not already done so, please send the Technique Keys that your students are preparing to Melanie Kurtzbein  (our Registration and Tech Support person).  Please respond promptly by April 13 if possible so that info can be included on the registration cards.

Thanks to all of you who are contributing in so many ways.  Don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.  We’ll see you at the meeting on Friday!

Debra Florian, NCTM                                        Dianne Johnston, WSCTM
KMTA Music Carnival Chair                              KMTA Music Literacy Program Chair
360-434-8684                                                   360-930-0168                          

Melanie Stroud, NCTM                                     Diane Layton, NCTM
KMTA Carnival Co-Chair                                  Music Literacy Program Co-Chair             
360-434-2117                                                   360-613-2917