Carnival Info for Teachers



Parent Information and Registration letter detailing the Carnival and Music Literacy Program (formerly Musicianship Exams, referred to as MLP in the rest of this page).  Fill in your name, and the date that you want fees turned in to you in order to have registrations to Dianne Johnston by February 27.

Parent Permission Slip and Registration Form

2017 Carnival Poster

NEW 3/15/17: Musicianship Exams Finalized Personnel List 2017 (Teacher job assignments for events and rooms)

Clicking the link above will open a PDF file that you can read, print and/or download.

INSTRUCTIONS:  (also see How to Register Students for MLP)

1. Print off the parent information letter AND the Parent Permission Slip/Registration Form, and send home with your students. (Every student must have a signed permission slip on file at the event, so we included it with the registration information, to be collected by you and turned in with your studio registration by the deadline of Feb. 27.)  These are non-editable PDF documents and should be ready to print as soon as downloaded.

2. Print the poster either in color or grayscale, and post in your studio.

3. All teachers entering students are asked to help. If you have not communicated with Debra about helping, and are planning to enter students, please volunteer to assist in exam rooms.

4. Room Assignments and Job Assignments are in the PDF file linked above ^^ !

5. We will need keyboards.

  • If you are the lead examiner for a room that uses a keyboard, please let me know if you already have one lined up to use, or if you need one.
  • If you have a keyboard we could use for the day, please let me know that also.

6. Adult volunteers needed:

  • For every exam room, to check students in and to fill out ribbons. Lead examiners are responsible to be sure your room has an adult helper lined up (or one for a.m., one for p.m.)
  • To man the registration desk and to help in the carnival area.
  • Each teacher please line up at least 1 adult helper. Send names to me as you get confirmation of helpers. Thank you!
  • To assist in prompting volunteer student helpers and parents, a space has been provided on the registration/permission form.

7. Student helpers are needed to run Carnival games and assist with food.

  • If you have 1 or more students, 14 years or older who would like to help, please send me their name(s).
  • We also need a few face-painters–older students with artistic talents. (Supplies will be provided.)
  • Students will work in shifts so will also be able to do exams (and are encouraged to do so!).

8. Planning/training meeting at 9:00 on Friday, April 14 at Ted Brown, before our regular meeting.

  • Go over scoring procedures, materials to be printed, as well as procedures for the adult helpers working with you. (We’ve had some problems in previous years with adult or student helpers not being adequately prepared with how to deal with checklists, exams, etc.) It’s important that everyone knows what they are doing prior to Carnival Day.

9. New Members: We’d love to have you involved! Please contact Debra Florian or Dianne Johnston if you have any questions or want more information.

10. If you haven’t already done so, visit the WSMTA website at On the home page under Programs for Students, click Musicianship Exams. You can download an updated copy of the Musicianship Examinations Handbook. The registration deadline is February 27. (Also see: How to fill out the WSMTA Musicianship Exams registration forms specifically for our use in KMTA.)

11. Strings Exams are available for Theory, Sight Reading, Technique and Ear Training, developed by Jane Melin specifically for string instruments. Strings studios are encouraged to participate!

12. Treble Wind Instrument Exams are now available for Theory, Technique and Ear Training, developed by Diane Layton and Shelly Devlin. Rhythm exams are available for all students, regardless of instrument.

13. Each teacher register your own students to assure appropriate leveling. Please indicate clearly if your student is taking strings or piano exams. If you teach both, please be very clear about which exam your student is taking. Consider filling out 2 separate registrations, one for strings and one for piano.

14. Please continue to watch for emails and website News articles regularly for Carnival updates. We’re excited to be working with all of you. And we hope YOU are getting excited, and spreading that enthusiasm to your students! It’s going to be a great Carnival Day! Thank you all!

Debra Florian, NCTM
KMTA Carnival Chair

Dianne Johnston, WSCTM
Music Literacy Program Chair

Melanie Florian, NCTM
KMTA Carnival Co-Chair

Diane Layton, NCTM
Music Literacy Program Co-Chair