Competitions and Awards


As an incentive for student growth, the Kitsap Music Teachers Association will award cash prizes to students who demonstrate outstanding achievement in performance during five judged competitions:


Junior Division (6th-8th grade)

Secondary Division (9th-11th grade)

Senior Division (12th grade)


Competition Registration Form for above competitions.

Students must be currently studying with a teacher who resides or teaches in Kitsap County, or is a member of KMTA.

The performance competitions will be decided by impartial judges from outside the Kitsap Chapter of the Music Teachers Association.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

Junior: Piano 1st Place: $100 – 2nd Place: $75 – 3rd Place: $50
Junior: Vocal and Instrumental 1st Place: $100 – 2nd Place: $75 – 3rd Place: $50

Secondary: Piano 1st Place: $300 – 2nd Place: $200 – 3rd Place: $100
Secondary: Vocal and Instrumental 1st Place: $300 – 2nd Place: $200 – 3rd Place: $100

Senior: Piano, Vocal and Instrumental 1st Place: $600 – 2nd Place: $500 – 3rd Place: $400

If only one student enters, he or she will be allowed to play and will be awarded a prize.

All participating students will receive a $10 gift certificate during the awards ceremony.


Instructions: WSMTA State Recitalist Competition

The Competition Registration Form is the same as for the above competitions.


At the annual Kitsap Music Teacher Association Senior Celebration and Scholarship Awards, gift certificates will be awarded to graduating High School and Home School Seniors who have continued their music study throughout their senior year, and who are currently studying with an active member of the Kitsap Music Teachers Association. Points for a variety of music study activities throughout the student’s time in music lessons are added up, and gift certificates are awarded based on point totals.

  • Merit Scholars, $25: All students who have accumulated a minimum of 10 points.
  • Honors Scholars, $100: Five students who have accumulated the highest number of points.

The application form in PDF format can be downloaded and filled out by the student with assistance from their teacher. Due dates are contained on the application.


For more competition options for KMTA students, visit the WSMTA site.