Dorothy Woodcock Endowment

In order to realize the goal of music-making for everyone, and to perpetuate the tradition of live music in our community, the Kitsap Music Teachers Association has established the Dorothy Woodcock Endowment (DWE) to provide funding for programs in support of:

1. Music Students, recognizing a broad range of learning goals and achievement levels.

2. Music Teachers, sponsoring continuing education opportunities and workshops.

3. Music Listeners, cultivating attendance for live music events in Kitsap County.

Funding Guidelines

DWE funding is intended to support activities and events that serve KMTA teachers and their students through programs that, individually and collectively, meet an array of the goals stated above.

DWE funding is not intended for need based grants.

DWE funds shall not be awarded to compensate individual members of KMTA for their services.

If you have an idea for an event or opportunity that the Dorothy Woodcock Endowment Fund could support, please contact a member of the KMTA Board, or email grants@kitsapmusicteachers.org.

Past DWE-Supported Programs

Annual programs currently supported in whole or in part by the Dorothy Woodcock Endowment:

KMTA Music Carnival
Christmas at the Mall
Continuing Education Workshops for Teachers
WSMTA District III Conference
WSMTA Conference
Ticket Vouchers for Kitsap Music Events
Strings Summer Camp
Community Concert Presentation, with Guest Artist(s)