Committee Chairs

KMTA leadership positions fulfill two different functions: running events, and managing chapter operations. The job descriptions are listed by type of function below.


Music Artistry Program (MAP) CHAIRS (Keyboard and Non-Keyboard)

This position shall be held collectively by the Chapter Representatives, for a minimum of two years. Each representative shall be designated to organize one leg of MAP (Piano, Strings, Voice). One representative shall be designated to oversee the entire program.


A. Study and follow exactly the Policies and Procedures for the Chapter MAP Chair and the Checklist provided by WSMTA. It covers the timeline and details to carry out the items below.
B. Throughout the year, review the information already posted on the KMTA website pertaining to the MAP, and submit needed edits to the Website/Technology Chair.
C. Submit current MAP information to KMTA Website Editor and Quavers Editor by the 25th of each month preceding newsletter publication. These short articles should be geared towards helping teachers learn how to use the MAP program. Articles should point to relevant information on the KMTA website and not duplicate it. Deadlines and information on how to prepare for each deadline should be published far enough in advance for teachers to find it as easy as possible to participate.
D. Select visiting artists from the official WSMTA visiting artist list. Schedule visiting artists a year or more in advance. Stay in contact with the visiting artists throughout the year. All the travel plans and the details should be confirmed two months prior to the events at the latest.
E. Arrange for facilities to hold MAPs, Honors Recitals, WSMTA State Recitalist Competitions. Seek out high quality pianos and be sure that they are properly maintained by confirming this with the venue or arranging for a tuning. WSMTA reimburses a daily amount (which may change each year) for tuning and hall rental.
F. Remind and encourage the members to check the KMTA website and FAQ for all the necessary information. The dates, visiting artists, locations, preliminary deadline, deadline for registration should be covered repeatedly until the date passes.
G. Submit the preliminary report to WSMTA chair by November 1.
H. Once the registration closes, double check the registrations and correct errors. The usual errors happen with Honors Recital Selections and Extra time.
I. Once errors are straightened out, put the schedule together. Ask visiting artists about their preference for starting time, and ending time and lunch time arrangements.
J. Submit schedule to WSMTA MAP chair at least 7~8 weeks prior to event. It must be approved 5 weeks prior.
K. Remind members to download all the necessary documents from WSMTA website. This includes teacher instructions, student schedule and evaluation forms.
L. Make sure that the facilities are well lit and heated with all the necessary supplies.
M. Arrange for visiting artist snacks for their breaks and assist him/her with lunch arrangements
N. Give the certificates to the visiting artists before the event (usually at the Orientation time)
O. Create Honors Recital programs with information provided by teachers immediately after MAPs.
P. Submit final report to State MAP Chair by May 1.


The Benefit Concert Chair shall be held by one member for a 1-year term.
A. Seek out local, guest, volunteer and/or professional musicians to perform in a public concert in the community.
B. Schedule a DATE and VENUE for the concert.
C. Forward PRESS RELEASE information (program, biographies and photos) to the Publicity Chair, two months prior to the event.
D. Design and print FLIERS for public posting downtown and in our studios, one month prior to the event.
E. Distribute TICKETS to membership for advance sales, one month prior to the event.
F. Design and print PROGRAMS for the concert (include KMTA/Scholarship information).
G. Arrange for PIANO TUNING, if budgeted.
H. Arrange for REHEARSALS in the hall, if possible.
I. Enlist plenty of members on concert night to take and sell tickets, monitor doors, hand out programs, and serve as stage hands.
J. Make arrangements with KMTA President to carry out the duties of Master of Ceremonies at the concert.


This position shall be held by one member for a 2-year term coinciding with the term held by elected officers. The position may be held for a longer term at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
A. September – Schedule dates and times with Kitsap Mall personnel. Usually two Saturdays, four hours each day are needed.
B. September and October- By the 20th day of each of these months, submit a short informative paragraph to the Quavers editor for publication in the October and November newsletters and on the KMTA website.
C. October and November – Present information to members at monthly business meetings. Take reservations for 15-30 minute time slots per teacher.
D. Early November – Confirm reserved times with the scheduled teachers and with the Kitsap Mall Office.
E. December performance days – Arrive at the mall prior to the first session in order to make certain that all details are taken care of. For example, you may need to remind the Kitsap Mall personnel to turn the recorded overhead music off.
F. Keeps accurate and detailed records to pass on to the next member who will chair this position.


This position shall be held by one member for a minimum of two years. There shall be at least one other member designated as the KMTA Carnival Committee.
DUTIES: (to be delegated by the committee chair):
A. Select an appropriate facility and negotiate dates, fees, and room use with the coordinator of that facility.
B. Provide dates and location to the Yearbook Chair by early August.
C. Submit an estimated funds request to the Budget Committee prior to the summer budget planning meeting.
D. Review student tests and revise as necessary.
E. Compile information, including registration forms, and disperse to members a minimum of two months prior to the event.
F. Provide the “Quavers” editor with brief news articles as necessary to disseminate information.
G. Upon receiving completed registration forms, order ribbons, print test materials, and procure any other supplies as needed for the current year’s festival.
H. Turn collected fees, along with bills or receipts requiring reimbursement, in to the KMTA Treasurer.
I. Schedule teachers, older students, and or parents to man each event.
J. Designate specific rooms for individual events.
K. Check to make sure all necessary equipment is available.
L. Schedule a crew to clean up.
M. Keep accurate and detailed records to pass on to the next member who will chair this committee.


The position shall be held by one member for 1 year. The chair shall work with no less than one other member, also appointed by the President, to arrange for the reception and/or Community Service Award.
A. Confer for KMTA Board to set date for the event by mid-August for publication in the Yearbook. (The event has traditionally been held the 1st Sunday of the month.)
B. Reserve a location to hold the event by mid-August so location can be published in the Yearbook. Seek out a venue with a high quality piano and be sure that it has been properly maintained. (Inquire about tuning schedule at the time of booking.)
C. Study and follow exactly the Scholarship Awards Guidelines as outlined in the Yearbook and be prepared to answer questions from the membership.
D. Select a judge for the Performance Competition and negotiate fee based on funds available in KMTA budget. This may include reimbursement for transportation costs. (Confer with past event chairs and/or chapter Adjudications Chair for suggestions.)

1. Provide judge with copy of Scholarship Awards Guidelines for Performance Competition.

E. For scheduling purposes, poll membership in early spring to get an estimate of the number of student participants.
F. Set your registration deadline at least one month before the event. Announce deadline at chapter meetings and in Quavers well in advance of the deadline.
G. Once all registration forms are in, plan program.
H. Arrange for the facilities to be open, warm, and set up 45 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin.
I. Contact judge as soon as the performance schedule has been established regarding estimated completion time.

J. Create Recital Program with information about each participant provided by teachers.

1. Two months prior to the event, ask all KMTA teachers to provide a short biography and photo of all graduating seniors, whether or not they are competing for scholarships.
2. Forward PRESS RELEASE information (program, biographies and photos) of all participating seniors to the Publicity Chair, immediately following the event.
3. Design and print keepsake programs for the event. Include student bios and photos, and information about the KMTA Scholarship Fund, benefit concerts and other fundraisers.
4. Arrange for PIANO TUNING, if budgeted.
5. Organize refreshments, including setup and cleanup.
6. Enlist members to monitor doors, and hand out programs.

K. Community Service Award:  The nomination and selection of students winning this award is under development in 2016. The following guidelines are out of date.
1. Provide an application form to any KMTA member who wishes to nominate a student for this award.
2. Update application form as needed.
3. Publicize through Quavers the date applications will be due and other related information at least 4 weeks prior to due date.
4. Collect completed applications. Meet with other member(s) of the committee to evaluate the applicants and select a winner.
5. Send letter of congratulations to the winner, and letters of appreciation to other entrants.
6. Provide the KMTA Treasurer with the winner’s name. The check will be presented to the winner by the Awards Committee at the Senior Celebration or at the awards assembly of the high school which the student attends.
7. Announce the winner’s name at the Senior Awards Celebration, and in the press release immediately following the competition
8. Keep accurate records, along with a copy ready application form to pass along to the next member who will chair this committee.


This position shall be held by one member for a minimum of two years.
A. Schedule the festival and facility.
B. Get liability insurance through
C. Provide information to the Yearbook and Website chairs by mid-August.
D. Send out registration forms with parent and teacher information letters to KMTA members (through website/Quavers) and to other independent music teachers, school music directors and other interested parties 3 months prior to the
festival. Note: registration forms, information letters, etc. are on computer disc, and can be easily updated each year – ask the previous chairman who has the program.
E. Gather student names, repertoire, and all fees a minimum of 1 month prior to the festival.
F. Organize the repertoire into cohesive programs of appropriate length and inform the students of their place in the schedule 3 weeks prior to the festival.
G. Print and distribute programs for each recital.
H. Provide all pertinent information to the publicity chairman 2 months prior to the festival. Provide flyers and posters to the publicity chairman to be posted in appropriate public places 2 weeks prior to the festival.
I. Make all necessary arrangements with the facility regarding fees, clean up procedures, keys, lights, piano tuning, etc.
J. Make arrangements for a refreshments table. (Contact participating teachers about asking performers’ families to contribute refreshments.)
K. Assign a Master of Ceremonies for each individual recital to introduce and close each program, and to take roll of its participants by seating them in order of appearance in front of the room.
L. Each master of ceremonies will need an assistant to hand out programs and monitor the door.
M. Complete Event Income/Expense document and turn in with receipts to Treasurer within 2 weeks of Festival.
N. Review job description, make changes as needed, and return to President.



Position shall be held by one member serving at the will of the Kitsap County Music Teachers Association Chapter president.
A. Serve as a liaison between the state and national certification boards.
B. Encourage and provide support to members seeking certification or renewal of certification.
C. Notify members of opportunities for funding to assist in obtaining certification.
D. Notify members of opportunities that would apply to certification and/or renewal standards.
E. Communicate regularly with the membership by:

a. Making announcements and/or presentations at chapter meetings
b. Writing articles for Quavers (chapter newsletter)
c. Posting information and links on the chapter website


The Historian position shall be held by one member for a 2-year term coinciding with the term held by elected officers.
A. Collect newsletters, newspaper articles, photos, recital programs and any other memorabilia available throughout the year pertaining to the Kitsap Music Teachers Association and its members. Organize and file in such a way to be easily accessible to KMTA members.
B. Fulfill ASCAP requirements by collecting 2 copies of each program from any KMTA-sponsored recital throughout the year. Mail programs by June 30 to:
Assistant Executive Director
The Carew Tower
441 Vine St., Suite 505
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
All collected programs will be forwarded to ASCAP during July, and ASCAP will see that composers are properly credited.
C. Physically keep past historian files and provide accessibility to members upon request.


This position shall be held by one member for a 2-year term coinciding with the term held by elected officers. The position may be held for a longer term at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

A. Prepare 9 issues per year, September through December and February through June. Each issue will include:

1. Letter from the President

2. Letter from the Vice President promoting upcoming meetings, including date, time, location and directions.

3. Articles about upcoming KMTA activities, such as:

a. adjudications
b. competitions
c. festivals
d. master classes
e. recitals
f. workshops
g. WSMTA Conference
h. Event articles should be brief as most content should already be located somewhere on the KMTA website. Articles may include links to existing website content. If there are discrepancies between information submitted for newsletters and information already posted on the website, work with the Technology Chair to assure that the website contains the most current information.

4. Articles about other KMTA concerns, such as:

a. membership welcoming & profiles
b. student accomplishments
c. teacher music activities in the community
d. timely reviews of KMTA activities
e. other upcoming non-profit music activities suitable for students, parents, and teachers

5. Other contents such as:

a. bulletin board items such as: instruments for sale by members and students, notices of accompanists needed by other non-profits, etc.
b. events & deadlines calendar
c. photographs

B. Maintain the e-mailing list of chapter members for newsletter distribution.

1. Coordinate the list with the Treasurer and Yearbook Chair.
2. Revise the list annually and as needed on the newsletter emailing service.

C. Distribution:

1. The newsletter will be distributed via an emailing service to all current members. Opt-outs will be honored.
2. Create a PDF copy to post on the Newsletters page of the website and for Historian to print for archiving.

D. Other

1. All issues will be proofed by the President and/or Vice President before distribution. The president shall have final approval of all content.


This position shall be held by one member for a 2 year term coinciding with the term held by elected officers.
A. Introduce potential new members to KMTA by providing them with information about KMTA.
B. Work towards increasing KMTA membership.
C. Introduce KMTA to musicians in Kitsap County.
D. Mail information brochures to potential members.
E. Make follow up calls to those who have requested and/or received information. Phone new musicians in the area to invite them to KMTA.
F. Encourage new members to attend events and meetings.
G. Provide Quavers Editor with bios of new members, as available.
H. Encourage members to wear nametags at general meetings.


Position shall be held by one member serving at the will of the Kitsap County Music Teachers Association Chapter president.
A. Serve as a liaison between the KMTA membership, local school music teachers and the MusicLink Foundation, and encourage participation.

1. Introduce the program to the music teachers at our local schools through personal meetings and follow-up communication.
2. Introduce the program to KMTA membership.
3. Generate and maintain a list of participating teachers.
4. Link nominated students to participating teachers.
5. Guide teachers through the necessary paperwork or online reporting.
6. Keep and report accurate records of MusicLink students and teachers in our chapter.

B. Communicate regularly with the membership.

1. Make announcements and/or presentations at chapter meetings.
2. Write articles for Quavers (chapter newsletter).
3. Post information and links on the chapter website.

C. Communicate regularly with local school music teachers.

1. Forward articles and links from the MusicLink Foundation.
2. Provide feedback on the status of nominated students.


This position shall be held by one member for a 2-year term coinciding with the term held by elected officers. The position may be held for a longer term at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
A. Produce press releases to be submitted to local newspapers for all public events sponsored by KMTA, such as:

1. Student Recitals, including the yearly Kitsap Young Musicians Festival
2. Benefit Concert for the Senior Scholarship Fund
3. Other special events such as guest recitals, master classes or workshops.

B. Develop a plan to assure that newspaper articles about KMTA recitals are published in a timely manner.

1. Maintain timely contact with KMTA officers and committee chairs responsible for KMTA-sponsored events.
2. Maintain current list of all relevant newspaper contacts and their deadlines.

a. Press release format should be geared to editor’s requirements
1) Some editors desire that the article be pre-written and others prefer facts only
b. Include photographs, preferably color, whenever possible

3. Method of delivery

a. Submit articles as MS Word files, attached to email cover memos specifying what section of the newspaper it is expected to appear in

1) Photos should be attached as .jpg/.jpeg files
2) Request verification of receipt of files sent. Follow up if no response is received.


The Sunshine / Courtesy position shall be held by one member for a 2-year term coinciding with the term held by elected officers.
A. Send cards or flowers as directed by the board to KMTA members for purposes of consolation, sympathy, or congratulations.
B. A receipt shall be presented to the KMTA Treasurer for reimbursement.
C. Reach out to retired members via phone call or email to determine their interest in being added to the “Friends of KMTA” list. Friends of KMTA are eligible to continue to receive KMTA email communications, participate at KMTA events as a volunteer, and attend KMTA events as a guest. Membership dues for MTNA, WSMTA, and/or KMTA are not required. “Friends of KMTA” can request removal of their names from email lists at any time.
D. Maintain a current list of “Friends of KMTA” and provide updates to the BOD and the newsletter editor as necessary.


This position shall be held by one member for a 2-year term coinciding with the term held by elected officers. The position may be held for a longer term at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
A. Maintain chapter website hosting and domain name registration accounts. Arrange for payment of user fees, as needed.
B. Maintain e-mailing services, including templates for membership emails and newsletters.
C. Maintain KMTA Google account for storage of shared, private documents and spreadsheets, and provide login or link information as required for members to access when necessary.
D. Annually, update the website with new Board and Committee Chair names, and purge or note dated content to be revised for the upcoming year.
E. Work with Executive Board, Newsletter Editor, Publicity Chair, Event Chairs and other members to post current and useful information on the chapter website.
F. Assist the members with questions and concerns regarding technology and the music studio.
G. Provide useful information regarding chapter website updates to members through announcements at meetings and/or in Quavers.
H. Serve as a liaison between the state and local chapter regarding technology.
I. Train Newsletter Editor, Publicity Chair and others as determined by Board, to update the website and e-mailing lists.


This position shall be held by one member for a 2-year term coinciding with the term held by elected officers.
DUTIES OF POSITION: Update and publish the following information on an annual basis.
A. YEARBOOK, Online Content: The following contents must be updated annually on the KMTA website but will not be published in printed form. As such, the updates can also be undertaken by the Technology Chair and/or the Newsletter Editor.

1. “History” (add name and dates for our chapter President).
2. “Officers and Committees” (contact the chapter President for current list).
3. “Programs and Events” (contact the Vice-President and all Committee Chairs to gather information for this comprehensive list).
4. “Membership Directory” (cross reference with the Treasurer and Membership Chair).
5. “Music Artistry Program” (contact the MAP Chair).
6. “State Recitalist Competition” (contact the MAP Chair).
7. “Scholarship Awards” (contact the Senior Celebration and Awards Chair).
8. “Dues” (see current WSMTA Membership Application at
9. “Scholarship Recipients” (see June Quavers for May Competition results).

B. YEARBOOK, Printed:

  1. Formatted Membership List, including member addresses, as of the first September meeting of each membership year.
  2. Formatted summary of Events and Programs.
  3. A limited number of copies of both these documents should be printed and distributed at the first September meeting. Subsequent copies will be saved as PDF files and uploaded to the KMTA Google account for members to download and print on demand.

B. HANDBOOK: (2017 under revision; Handbook contents now posted online)

1. Continue to expand and update this compilation of job descriptions and standardized forms and letters.
2. Provide access to a formatted printout to all new members.
3. Provide new and revised pages to all renewing members.

C. ADVERTISING: (2017 currently inactive)

1. Begin contacting possible music businesses in June regarding ad renewals.
2. Develop a prospect list of new advertisers and follow up with letters or calls.
2. Send a letter stating ad sizes and prices, when and where to send artwork, text and payment.
3. Collect all text and artwork.
4. Encourage advertisers to mail checks directly to the Treasurer. Some businesses may need to be billed; Communicate with Treasurer to keep track of which payments have come in.