KMTA Music Carnival

Come one, come all to the Music Carnival! This all-day event usually hosts over 200 students engaging in performances, ensembles, music-related arts and crafts displays, demonstration of music theory knowledge through WSMTA Music Literacy Program (MLP), carnival games and food. Sponsored by the Dorothy Woodcock Endowment, the Carnival is usually held the 4th Saturday in April at Gateway Fellowship Church in Poulsbo. The 2018 Carnival is on April 28.

CARNIVAL INFORMATION FOR TEACHERS is on a separate page. Please read through the information for the steps to make the Carnival and Musicianship Exams a success for your students and studio.

Printable resources are listed below. Click to open, save and print. To assist with the Carnival in any way, contact Debra Florian.

Poster      Parent Information and Registration letter        Student Permission Slip


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