Members’ Resources

Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs

Due dates for applications, forms submissions etc.

Event registration forms and preparation

WSMTA Forms for Adjudications and Musicianship Exams: Official registration forms and information booklets for these events at Washington State Music Teachers Association site. Also info/forms for Young Composer’s Project, Outstanding Artist Competition and more.

Musicianship Exam preparation, Keyboard: See below

Musicianship Exam preparation, Strings: See below

Photo release form for any event

Event Expense Report: Event Chairs should download and fill this out and submit with receipts for reimbursement.

Kitsap Chapter Info

Newsletter: “Quavers”, our monthly newsletter, is a comprehensive source of information about events going on with KMTA. If you’re not coming to monthly meetings, you should read our newsletter to keep informed about upcoming events. Quavers is emailed monthly to all members.

Yearbook: Your indispensible guide to all KMTA events for the year. Get your printed copy at a chapter meeting, or contact Mary Grant if unable to come to a meeting. Most of the information in the Yearbook is somewhere on this website.

Member Handbook: KMTA’s officer/committee chair position descriptions. A printed copy is provided to new members.

Constitution and By-Laws


Dorothy Woodcock Endowment supports many KMTA activities. Go to link for grant eligibility requirements.

Nadean Clarke Scholarship application: Helps cover expenses for a student to attend the annual Washington State Music Teachers Association conference.

Community Service Award (for graduating seniors) application

MusicLink (funding resources for low-income students): Contact Mary Grant for more information

Association links

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA): our national organization

Washington State Music Teachers Association (WSMTA): our state organization

National Teacher Certification (NCTM): Contact Joann Richardson for more information

WSMTA Musicianship Exam Prep: Keyboard

Technique Testing: Actual exam score sheets show the scales to be learned for each level and the scoring rubrics. You may download, print and use these sheets in your studio to help your students prepare for Musicianship Exams.
Levels 1-10 (PDF) “Wendy’s Piano Studio” site has downloadable practice materials and sample tests.

WSMTA Musicianship Exam Prep: Strings

WSMTA Musicianship Examinations Curriculum Guide – modified for Strings

PDF Format. Includes a table for Sightreading standards for Levels 1-10.

Technique Testing: Scales and arpeggios for 10 graded levels. PDF format.
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