Workshops and Monster Concert

The result of member suggestions and initiatives, workshop events for students and the community are occasionally programmed by KMTA.

February 16, 2019: MONSTER CONCERT
A Journey Through Time
with Guest Composer Kevin Olson
North Kitsap Auditorium

-Special guest artist and composer: Kevin Olson!

-Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled for Jan 11-12, 25-26 Feb 8-9, (Friday evenings and Saturday mornings) and day of the concert.  All participants: print, fill out, and return this FORM to teachers by November 1. 

-The links provided are to ensure you are getting the right arrangement; you are under no obligation to buy from a particular website!  (but if you use amazon, be sure to use and select KMTA!)

-If you happen to have spare music for any of these pieces that you are willing to loan, please let us know.

– We’d love to have as many participants as possible in each piece! If you would like to add an instrument or voice to a piece please talk to Melanie or Laura!


Repertoire (grouped together if in the same book):

Flintstone’s Theme  /  Wipe out   / Eye of the tiger   / In the hall of the mountain king (elementary–wipe out has 2 elementary parts, the rest have teacher/intermediate duets; 4 hands)
   STRINGS PARTS for Eye of the Tiger and Hall of the Mountain King: See below

Jurassic Park  / Star Trek / The Entertainer (intermediate; 4 hands)
   STRINGS PARTS for The Entertainer: See below

Lady Gaga fugue (TEACHERS; 4 hands)

Danse Macabre  (late intermediate; 2 pianos 8 hands) Free print
   VIOLIN PARTS (Late Intermediate/Advanced): See below

CS Theme and Variations  (TEACHERS; 4 hands) 

Pistol Pete’s Piano Posse Rides Again  (intermediate; 2 pianos 8 hands)

Stars and Stripes forever (TEACHERS; 2 pianos 8 hands) (add flute, trombone)

A Carmen Celebration (Kevin Olson) / Symphony No. 5 (Beethoven; Valerie Roth Roubos) (both available on this website, will need to search) (both intermediate; Carmen 2 pianos 6 hands, Beethoven’s 5th 1 piano 6 hands)

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (vocal: SSA + piano and trumpet/trombone/tenor sax)

Don’t Stop Believin’ (intermediate; 2 pianos 8 hands) 

New Kevin Olson piece 2019– coming soon!!

Strings Repertoire

Home School Strings forms the core of the string ensemble and rehearses on Tuesdays. One additional rehearsal for all strings participants will be planned. Representative string players are invited to attend piano rehearsals on the dates above.

Winds Repertoire will depend on participating students TBA.

January 2017: A Movie Music Weekend with Grant Fonda

In 2017, KMTA hosted film composer and arranger Grant Fonda to visit from Southern California and share his experiences and inspiration with our members and their students. The resulting weekend took months of preparation, but the result was a workshop and Monster Concert attended by scores of students and their families. Association music teachers volunteered their time to select music, organize rehearsals, arrange for multiple grand pianos at the concert venue, and host Grant during his visit. Events like this are a great example of the collaboration and creativity that teachers can exercise as members of KMTA.

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