Workshops and Monster Concert

MONSTER CONCERT : “A Journey Through Time”
February 16, 2019
North Kitsap Auditorium


2019 Monster Concert Poster-letter size

2019 Monster Concert Poster-12×18

-Special guest artist and composer: Kevin Olson!  He will be doing workshops for students and teachers, and we will be playing his newly commissioned piece! (See below)









6:00 Flintstone’s Theme                                  rehearsal recording       

6:20 Wipe out                                                   rehearsal recording         

6:40  In the hall of the mountain king

7:00  Eye of the tiger                                        rehearsal recording 

7:20 Boogie woogie bugle boy                       rehearsal recording         

7:45 Don’t Stop Believin                                  rehearsal recording        

8:15 Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5                 rehearsal recording      

9:00  Star Trek                                                   rehearsal recording         

9:30  A Carmen Celebration                                                                      

10:00  The Entertainer                                       rehearsal recording       

10:30  IT’S ABOUT TIME   ditigal recording                rehearsal recording

(formerly known as Time Machine)

11:00  Pistol Pete’s Piano Posse Rides Again  rehearsal recording

11:30  CS Theme and Variations                      




6-6:30, strings only:     Eye of the Tiger: Score_and_Parts Violin | Int. Viola Easy ViolaCello

                                     Hall of the mountain King:  Score_and_Parts | Easy_Violin |  Int. Violin  | Easy_Viola  | Int. Viola  |  Cello 

6:40-7:20:                     Eye of the Tiger and Hall of the mountain King with pianos

7:30-8:30, strings only: Back to the future 

                                     The Entertainer: Strings-Score_and_Parts |  Violin  |  Viola  |  Cello 

                                     It’s About Time (formerly known as Time Machine):     Listen to original speed here  ||  SLOWER VERSION – mm = 140

Parts:  It’s About Time/Time Machine-Violin I |  It’s About Time/Time Machine-Violin II  |  It’s About Time/Time Machine-Viola | It’s About Time/Time Machine-Cello  |   It’s About Time/Time Machine-Double Bass  


Sat Feb 9, at 10-11 am: strings and pianists on The Entertainer and It’s About Time


SCHEDULE FOR FEBRUARY 16 (all at the North Kitsap Auditorium):

9-10 a.m. Teacher showcase with Kevin Olson

10 a.m.-12 p.m. Student composition workshop with Kevin Olson

2-5 p.m. Dress rehearsal 



About Student Workshops and Concerts

Multi-day workshop events for students and the community are occasionally programmed by KMTA. In 2017, KMTA hosted film composer and arranger Grant Fonda to visit from Southern California and share his experiences and inspiration with our members and their students. The resulting weekend took months of preparation, but the result was a workshop and Monster Concert attended by scores of students and their families. Association music teachers volunteered their time to select music, organize rehearsals, arrange for multiple grand pianos at the concert venue, and host Grant during his visit. Events like this are a great example of the collaboration and creativity that teachers can exercise as members of KMTA.

January 2017: A Movie Music Weekend with Grant Fonda

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